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"Ah Wei" to expose the weaknesses of the "Lily" heart of their enemy, "Ching Ming" in recognition of all time. Ah Ching, but also stability and confidence in love with Lily. Although conditions in mind to ask on Mount Ama care for them. While the love of Lily Who are facing the decision whether to sacrifice themselves for the people they love in any way. As well as a love of "Xiaoping" Ah Wei has unconditionally. Despite knowing that they were never in the eyes of the people they love it even more. But the love of Everett's return as the love of a young man who tries to get in what I understand, it is love. The thought of being with loved ones and make everything just happy to Qing Ming. Love is the greatest, in their sight. Ah Wei's dream is to see the person they love in their own eyes, he was happy enough when fortunes fluctuated back. Back Round accident But Ah Ching is also alleged to marry. Amid the shock of everyone But not to the Sun Wei. Ah Wei to do. When I opened them again. Although there are risks Xiaoping as his wife is. Or that that definition "Love is giving" a major turning point of his love Wei forever than to understand. It has become a tragic love sentimental tears with a summary of the different definitions of love of the four reasons people might guess. Find common definition of the word. "Love.. Is the ... the ... the" definition of who I love you.


Aka : สี่เส้า
Release Date: 2015 (Thailand)
Genre: Drama
Stars: -
Size : 1 GB
Subtitle : Indonesia

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Pass RAR: SeeingMole
Subtitle Indonesia: [Click Here]

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  1. Mana subtittle nya min sama single lady saya tunggu,sukses buat blog kamu.

    1. pantengin aja di blog ini gan, pasti di update kalo udah keluar (o)


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