[Thai Drama] Two Spirits Love (2015) Subtitle English

Sinopsis :

The story of Tharatorn (Mario Maurer), a young businessman owner of a furniture company who is oppressed and moody alongside his partner high-so Champagne (Pat Napapa), a famous celebrity, dreams of marrying Tharatorn one day, but Tharatorn actually always has an image of a certain girl who is always in his head, a girl he doesn’t know but always appears in his dreams. Tharatorn found out that Thanon (Kratoom), head of company (maybe, behind Mario) cheated the company’sfinances so Tharatorn fired him immediately and everyone was intimidated by this, not because of his anger, but because of an unusual power that made the lights in the room explode. However, no one knows that the cause of this accident was due to Tharatorn.
Mor Krit (Non), Tharatorn’s only friend, explains that he may have a power called Telekinesis- a power that destroys objects without you physically doing it. Krit also has the role of Tharatorn’s psychiatrist, because he has an illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder as well, a disorder where your gestures and behaviour resembles a completely different person and one where you can’t remember anything about yourself at all. Korn (Punjan) and Kewalin (Mint), two siblings who live with each other by themselves because their parents are somewhere in another province. Apart from being a singer, Korn is also a volunteer at a fundraising company (?), and dragged Mint to do this with him as well. Ai Phu (Freud) had fallen in love with Kaewalin since high school and Phu is the only one who seems to see ghosts. Kewalin has a good friend, Yui (Beau) who admires the men surrounding Kewalin especially P’Korn.
A radio broadcast reported an accident. Kewalin and 4 other team members, Ai Phu, Dong (Jub Jib), Mac (Samphet), Yai (Yai-Fundee), went to the location but coincidentally Tharatorn also drove past, getting out to help the injured person. Tharatorn saw Kewalin for the first time and felt very mesmerised but Kewalin only focused on the injured person, not realising that Tharatorn was near her. However, on the same night, Tharatorn was at Kewalin’s house, collapsing upon her. He doesn’t remember himself, and called Kewalin “Gao”, and titling himself as “Mek”. Mek doesn’t know anything around him in his surroundings, as if he came from the Boran period.​


Aka : Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur / สองหัวใจนี้เพื่อเธอ
Info : http://forum.kites.vn/
Release Date : October 8, 2015 --- On Air (Thailand)
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Quality : WEB-RIP 580p
Size : 400 MB
Subtitle : English
Episode : 12
Trailer :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msb-lS6rSqc


Mario Maurer as Tharatorn/Warong
Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong as Kewalin/Kaew

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Episode 01: Kumpulbagi
Episode 02: Kumpulbagi
Episode 03: Kumpulbagi
Episode 04: Kumpulbagi
Episode 05: Kumpulbagi
Episode 06: Kumpulbagi
Episode 07: Kumpulbagi
Episode 08: Kumpulbagi
Episode 09: Kumpulbagi
Episode 10: Kumpulbagi

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